Editor in Chief
PhD Florica Orțan - University of Oradea
Managing editor
PhD Julien-Ferencz Kiss - University of Oradea
Associate editor
PhD Ciprian Simuț - University of Oradea

Editorial board
PhD Carolina Bodea-Hațegan, Editor
PhD Ciprian Ceobanu, Editor
PhD Simona Marin, Editor
PhD Nicoleta Popa, Editor
PhD Dan Potolea, Editor
PhD Corneliu Simuț, Editor
PhD Laurențiu Șoitu, Editor

International advisory board
PhD Michael Brown, Queen's University Belfast
PhD Boaz Choi, University of Texas at Arlington
EdD Benjamin K. Forrest, Liberty University Virginia
PhD Emily Heady, Ohio State University
PhD Inge Konik, Nelson Mandela University
PhD Anna Odrowaz-Coates, Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw
PhD Joanna Pepple, Florida State University

Editorial staff
PhD Valentin Blândul
PhD Adela Bradea
PhD (c) Alexandru Carțiș
PhD Claudia Hanga
PhD Laurențiu Mândrea
PhD Claudia Pop
PhD Renata Pop
PhD Ovidiu Roman


Aims and scope

The scope of the Journal of Teacher Training and Education Research (JTTER) is to offer a platform for experts in the field of teacher training and education to share their latest research. The journal addresses issues specific to the process of training teachers, through various methods that aim at being applied in their respective fields, for the benefit of students and the educational system. The journal also aims at publishing the latest results in the field of education research, that would offer valuable insight into the education process.


The JTTER is a peer-reviewed and open access journal, dedicated to the fields of teacher training and education research. The journal focuses on both theoretical and empirical papers, by valuing high quality contributions in the field of teacher training, education research, but also supporting transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to these fields.

The JTTER has a frequency of three regular issues per year, in April, July, and October. The journal publishes a special issue dedicated to young researchers and PhD students. If there is a special theme that falls outside the three regular issues, after the assessment of the editorial board, the JTTER will publish it as a standalone issue.

The JTTER uses a blind peer-review system, provided by a team of experts in education. All contributors will be informed within two weeks, whether their articles are considered for publication.


The JTTER is an open access journal, that is published online, on the journal’s dedicated website: www.jtter.uoradea.ro. The subscription service will provide news and relevant information about the journal, various conferences, as well as the publishing dates of the journal’s newest issues.


For further information, please send your inquiries at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you are interested in sending your research for publication, please follow the author guidelines (www.jtter.uoradea.ro) and submit your article at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The JTTER is a new journal in the field of teacher training and research education, with research interests in all related fields, through the transdisciplinary approach. It is the purpose of the JTTER to be indexed in international data bases, relevant for the field of inquiry, such as Scopus, PsycInfo, ERIC, ERIH Plus, DOAJ, Ebsco, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, SprinjerLink, Wiley OnlineLibrary, Sage, JSTOR. Also, the JTTER aims at being indexed in the ISI/Clarivate database.

Copyright and Permission

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All rights reserved.

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It is granted to publish items for personal use, free of charge, by the European Institute Publishing House, only after the publisher has been contacted directly.

Electronic Access

The JTTER is accessible for download on the journal website: www.jtter.uoradea.ro, provided all copyright and permissions are respected and implemented.