We would like to submit to your attention a simplified version of article formatting.


This template would enable you to work faster and without the usual hardships that article formatting entails.


Please follow the suggestions bellow:




Surname, first name                TNR 12, regular


Affiliation                               TNR 12, regular


Abstract (300-500 words)       TNR 12, regular


Key words (5)                         TNR 12, regular


A short autobiography                        TNR 12, regular

Surname, Name (the name of the institution where the PhD was obtained, if applies) current job/university academic position, maximum of 3 important articles and/or books. Email address.


Chapter                                  TNR 12 bold

Subchapter                              TNR 12, italic

Body text                                TNR 12 regular


Bibliography                          TNT 12 bold

  1. Do NOT use any kind of formatting, except for the ones above.
  2. Write the text with regular formatting, with 1 space line between chapters.
  3. Do NOT numbers chapters and subchapters.
  4. Do number tables, graphs, and any representation.
    1. The titles of the tables should be above the tables (TNR 12 bold)
    2. The sources of the tables should be underneath the tables (TNR 12 italic)
    3. The graphs/figures should have the titles underneath them (TNR 12 bold)


  1. Citation style – APA (for details, please see:

Body text citation

(Hisakata et al., 2016; Hogue, 2001; Musk, 2006; Sambrook & Russell, 2001)




Hisakata, R., Nishida, S., & Johnston, A. (2016). An adaptable metric shapes perceptual space. Current Biology, 26(14), 1911–1915.


Book chapter

Hogue, C. W. V. (2001). Structure databases. In A. D. Baxevanis & B. F. F. Ouellette (Eds.), Bioinformatics (2nd ed., pp. 83–109). Wiley-Interscience.


Web page

Musk, E. (2006, August 2). The secret Tesla Motors master plan (just between you and me). Tesla Blog.



Sambrook, J., & Russell, D. W. (2001). Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual (3rd ed.). CSHL Press.

  1. All the text (from the title to the bibliography) should be aligned to the left.


Academic paper formatiing for JTTER

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